Privacy Policy

Our web site generally

You may have noticed there are no adverts on this site, nor are there any tracking cookies. We work on the basis that if you like what we do you will come back, and you will not like what we do if you are constantly bombarded with junk offers.

If you sign up for our newsletter we will send you occasional updates about our shop, courses and workshops but we guarantee that we will never sell, or even give, your information to anyone else. We ask for your name and email address so we can send the newsletter to you, and an indication of your sewing interests so we can respond to you appropriately.

We do not store any contact or customer data from our general contact form on our web server and we don't include any personal information in our online calendar.

Online shop

By using our online shop you will be giving us some personal information which is necessary for the completion of the transaction. We limit this to your name, postal address, email address and telephone number as well as details of what you are buying and to where it will be delivered. We do not store payment information.

We will not use cookies to track your ordering habits or to try to sell you something else, and we will not sell any of your information to anyone else.